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Just yesterday, reports came in that Apple was in talks regarding launching its own MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). Well tough luck Apple fans, the Cupertino giant has denied the whole matter completely.

The rumour was that Apple was working with a few service providers in the US and the UK, using their equipment and planning to become a carrier in itself. Supporting the reports were many patents the company had filed earlier which almost clearly pointed to an upcoming mobile service platform. Well, it doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon now, though.

In a statement, an Apple spokesperson told Techcrunch:

We have not discussed nor do we have any plans to launch an MVNO.

So, what can we make of that? (scratches chin conspiratorially)

Sorry guys, there’s absolutely no hidden message or loophole in that statement. It’s an absolute denial and it seems legitimate coming from a official.

No MVNO from Apple anytime soon, that’s the clear message. So, those of you out there who were eagerly waiting for the Cupertino to launch this new opportunist tech, have to take sad faces back home.

While Google is already a long way into the MVNO project, codenamed Project Fi and many other tech industries are considering similar approaches, it seems that Apple, for the very first time, isn’t trying to compete head-on with the other tech giants out there.

Following this announcement, the stock went down by 3%, which seems to be the stock markets response for the development.


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