Minecon 2015 has given Minecraft users a chance to rejoice- Microsoft-owned Mojang has announced that there’s gonna be a ‘brand new’ version of the evergreen world-building game on Windows 10. And continuing with that announcement, Mojang showcased the Beta Edition of Minecraft for Windows 10.

Windows 10 Edition will not replace the existing PC version. Instead, it will be treated as an entirely separate platform to “take advantage of the advanced technology and gaming platform provided by Windows 10.” Suitably titled ‘Windows 10 Minecraft Beta,’ the game will make its way into the Windows 8 store on July 29 itself, now being dubbed as the Windows 10 Launch Day.

Minecraft’s Windows 10 Edition works on Windows 10 PCs and tablets, and you can switch between controller, touch, or mouse and keyboard whenever you want. The user interface will instantly adjust to the new input method.

You can play local and multiplayer, game online with your Xbox Live friends, and record and share game clips with a built in GameDVR.

Existing Minecrafters can download the Windows 10 beta version free of cost while users who are yet to dabble with the world of blocks will have to shell out $10 for the beta version specifically, the time period of which has not been divulged by Mojang as of now. Mojang has confirmed that players who opt for the $10 option will receive future updates (after beta phase gets over) at no cost.

The game is currently in a developmental phase and there’s no doubt the game will continue to receive additional features to bring to at par with Minecraft:Pocket Edition thanks to regular updates Microsoft promises to offer.

Interestingly, back in 2012 creator Markus Persson had tweeted he had rather not have the game on the Windows Store, arguing the app store was merely Microsoft’s attempt to restrict open PC platforms. Things have definitely changed, especially since Microsoft now owns Mojang. It bought the company for a staggering $2.5 billion. This becomes all the more important for the Redmond giant, considering Windows 10 is all set for a launch amid high hopes from the company, who’s struggling at smartphones.

Minecon 2015 is a celebration of the Minecraft community. The game has clocked more than 20 million users on the PC and Mac platforms, and these numbers are sure to receive a boost once it’s ported to Windows 10. The platform looks promising: Microsoft showed off its vision for VR headsets via Minecraft on HoloLens at E3 2015.


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