Taking cue, from what have been real successful launches and sale of previous LG-manufactured devices, Google is now reportedly roping in the OEM back, to build the 2015 edition of Google’s Nexus device.

According to sources, the 2015 edition of probably the most native Android smartphone has been secured in the hands of LG. Yup, LG is working on the 2015 google Nexus.

Each year Google selects an OEM to showcase its latest mobile operating system, Android. What started off with the Nexus One manufactured by HTC, was followed by Samsung’s Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, LG’s Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 and finally the latest manufactured by Motorola, the Nexus 6 (not considering the tablets, that is).

LG has already manufactured two Nexus line smartphones in the past, both of which have stolen the show (quite literally). While the latest Nexus, the 6, manufactured by Moto, was a bit cold on the reception, both of LG’s devices were accepted by users and developers with great enthusiasm.

According to a report, the screen size of the new Nexus will be 5 inches, going back in size from the older 6 inches Moto device. It is widely considered that 5 inches is, in fact, an ideal and more standardised size for a handheld. Also, the new Nexus (name not confirmed yet) will be based on a yet-to-be-seen prototype from LG instead of the speculated base off the existing LG G4.

As we already know, the new Nexus will be home to Google’s next iteration of its open source mobile operating system, Android, which as of now is just being referred to as Android M. Android M is said to bring forth new features related to changes to security, battery life, and permissions, with design elements principally relying on Android Lollipop. We can expect the release of the next device from Google along with or at least in line with Android M, which is rumoured to be in mid August as opposed to the routine fall release Google usually opts for.


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  1. Interested in the new upcoming LG Google Nexus smartphone/device with a 20/14nm CPU(Qualcomm 810 if incorporated) in it’s hardware;pl. inform of it’s specs. if possible&date of it’s release. in India;

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