Your iOS And Android Device Can Now Stream YouTube Videos at 60fps

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YouTube, which has already rolled out the 60 fps format for the web and live game streaming, has now announced the launch of that same capability on its Android and iOS apps as well.

Additionally, 60fps playback support is now available on Apple TV and Playstation 3 and 4 consoles. However, one must note that mobiles adopting 4K content in a hassle-free manner is a long shot; after all 4K content stretches even PCs to their maximum. I’m sure most modern smartphones will be able to cope up with these 60 fps streams.

The desktop version of YouTube leveraged HTML 5 after the video sharing platform had ditched Flash in January last year. On PC, you can view livestreams in 60fps as well, though sadly this isn’t the case with the mobile apps.

Today’s update merely brings the mobile YouTube app’s functionality at par with the PC platform. You won’t be to avail this feature if you view YouTube content on a smartphone browser or even on Windows Phone’s third party apps.

The new 60fps frame rate will result in a smoother and flicker-less experience and impacts both the visuals and the game input equally. Here’s an example of the difference between 15, 30 and 60fps. Moreover, 60fps works like a charm for fast-action content, specifically video games like the Far Cry 4 trailer embed above.

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