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24 Hrs. after it seeded in a fresh Windows 10 Build for fast ring developers, Microsoft has now dropped yet another build, numbered 10159 for the fast ring developers. Fast ringers can get access by the usual mechanism.

Microsoft hasn’t given in much details on the new build, focussing on one particular change, which is ? Yup, it gets the default Windows 10 background. Nothing more there. Gabe Aul says,

We could have held off on it and picked a later build to give you some time with 10158 but we thought that you’d want to see that one change… Let us know if we chose correctly, or if Fast suddenly got *too* fast with 2 builds in 2 days.

Microsoft notes that while 10158 had been under evaluation for almost a week before its release yesterday, build 10159 was also pretty much ready and passed Microsoft’s criteria for the Windows Insider Fast ring. , which in addition to more fixes (over 300 of them!), took in one very interesting change.

Aul adds,

We didn’t want to wait with 10158 so we went ahead and released that build while we were still evaluating 10159. As it turns out though, 10159 is also a great build.

Previously, Microsoft came out with Build 10158, which came up with Microsoft Edge, the re-branded version of Microsoft Project Spartan browser.Edge, apart from the obvious re-branding, also featured many more improvements, like including an “Home” button to take you to Browser’s first page, ability for you to import favorites/bookmarks from other browsers into Microsoft Edge, password and form fill support and other UI/UX tweaks.

The build also allows developers to integrate Cortana with Microsoft’s office 365 suite. Cortana now has a darker theme, comparable to the rest of the OS, apart from the usual AI improvements. You can now also track and check your flight schedules via Microsoft’s Voice Assistant.

The build also features an improved Photos App. Not only does this update have general performance and reliability improvements, it also has new capabilities that Windows Insiders have been asking for. For example – the Photos app now supports animated GIFs (Yay !! Yay !! Yay !!). After all, GIFs are the next big thing in imagery you know.

Lastly, Microsoft announced that it will also be flighting the Windows 10 SDK for this build. With both the latest SDK and emulator, your apps can access the latest Windows capabilities and APIs in the newest builds. The Building Apps for Windows blog will post which build of Windows maps to version of the SDK being released along with a change log of new APIs; major bugs fixed; and note issues in the current SDK.


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