Living up to all the expectations that Apple Watch promised earlier, the incomparable timepiece will soon turn over the gaming scenario and will allow you to play motion sensing games on your Apple TV.

An upcoming software update to watchOS 2 will allow developers to gain access to the hardware’s accelerometer data. Using this new feat, companies like Rolocule Games are working on games and such which can benefit from the now unlocked motion sensing data.

Yup! You get Wii-like controls.

Apparently, Rolocule Games is testing a working version of an update for Bowling Central, that lets you swing your arm (equipped with the Apple Watch) to provide lifelike bowling experiences. This wasn’t possible previously because of the limitations of Apple’s original WatchKit developer tools. Lucky for us, this fall, with the release of iOS 9, it will be within grasp for anyone who wants to benefit from it.

This isn’t anything new for the game developer, as it had previously created a version of their Motion Tennis game that supported motion controls from an Android smartphone back in March. This too, supported Android Wear.

Also, Rolocule has decided that Bowling Central will be free from, even though it was already priced a generous $2.99 previously. Surely the Apple Watch won’t be setting stage for a revolution in gaming, but it is apparent that the new feature will be fun to use and loved by all. Perhaps, this is Apple’s first attempt to tap into the gaming section and simply projects an infinite pathway that could make our daily activities much simpler.


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