While Google’s 2014-introduced Material Design UI concept has obviously been finding acceptance among Google’s own apps, it hasn’t inspired much of the third-party devs, apart from a few major ones, to tune into that same UI philosophy. The latest entrant though, to the Material Design bandwagon is Dropbox.

The popular cloud storage service has introduced Material Design on it’s Android app, ushering in good news for Google fans. The app is now complete with with a floating action button, slide-out hamburger menu, and even a colored status bar, all trademarks of Google’s Material Design philosophy.

The floating bar option is easier to handle within the app and navigation has improved significantly. With the Material Design UI coming in, Dropbox’s latest update is promising a much polished look for users to check out.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 2.59.39 pm

Material Design, Google’s very own mobile design language for Android, Chrome OS, and the web was introduced back in 2014’s Google I/0. Google+ Android users were the first ones to witness Material Design. The entire interface is based on what Google calls a “unifying theory of a rationalized space and a system of motion.” It comprises of splashes of color, refreshed iconography, typography, and a more consistent interface background.

But then, as has been the case with Google’s previous Android roll-outs, not even half of all Android users have been able to switch to material design, even though the company introduced Android M at this year’s I/O conference.

Though it took Dropbox a long time to hop on to the Material Design bandwagon, it’s good to see a major app provider welcoming Material Design, Google’s mobile design language. Google itself has been aggressively pushing developers to adopt Material Design even in the middle of 2015. Earlier this month, it updated the Topeka App supporting Material Design, to help third-party devs get more comfortable with Material design language


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