As announced by General Motors today, the 2016 GMC Canyon, Yukon and Sierra models’ 8-inch IntelliLink infotainment systems will all feature Apple CarPlay software, with Android Auto to follow-up soon.

Chevrolet showing off their Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in San Francisco with its Spark and Volt models’ MyLink infotainment systems, gave us fairly many hints about the incoming of this announcement. The automobile company also stated that 14 of the brands’ models will receive the technology by the year 2016, and General Motors’ infotainment system is not much different from Chevy’s.

The odd one out here appears to be the Sierra, as it uses the 7 inch variant of General Motors’ proprietary infotainment system and will adapt to this new technology to least.

The 2016 Buick Regal and LaCrosse models are also featuring Apple CarPlay. These models use the 8 inch variant of the IntelliLink. Also, Android’s software is said to follow later this year. The smart systems on both the brands will work in a similar fashion (Not many changes when it comes to any other brand too) allowing the user to have full-screen access to navigation, audio app controls and more.

You will also get the ability to toggle between Apple’s software (or Google’s when it’s added later this year) and the onboard OnStar 4G LTE enabled IntelliLink software.


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