The 2012-released original Apple iPad Mini’s days as a new hardware are over, it seems. The Apple Store killed off the sale of this tablet last night, as noted by 9to5Mac. The 7.9 inch tablet was the first time Apple deviated from their standard ‘Large’ iPad size and given that it had the same resolution (1024×768p) as the larger device, it had a greater pixel density when compared head-to-head.

But with the new advancements in display tech, this pixel density didn’t quite qualify for Apple’s high resolution ‘Retina’ display models.

The death of this star isn’t a surprise though, as it’s been almost three years since its initial launch and to be honest, it was getting a bit outdated considering there are newer mini iPads out there which are much better than the original.

Surprisingly, the iPad Mini was also taken down from the comparing iPads section of the online Store leaving behind the iPad Mini 2 and 3, as well as the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 as the current tablet options available for purchase.

Considering the fact that the iPad Mini ran the A5 chipset but retailed for only $50 less than the iPad Mini 2 (Which sports a Retina display and has a much better chipset), Apple’s move is quite understandable.

The hardware will still be in stock at a few third party stores, if you feel the need to buy it or you could get it from the refurbished section of the store for now.

Those of you who already own one of these aren’t so unlucky after all, as Apple has listed the Mini as iOS 9 compatible and you will soon get the update bringing you new apps, experiences and features.


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