If you are a hobbyist photographer or a graphics enthusiast, you will already know that the iPhone’s camera is much better than almost every other smartphone camera. Not only smartphones, the iPhone shooter can easily rival many good quality digital cameras in the market as well.

But guess what folks, you can now also shoot DSLR quality snapshots, with the flexibility, on your iPhone. DxO, an imaging technology leader has just launched a new accessory for you to flaunt to your friends. The DxO ONE is a new lightning enabled external camera addition to your iPhone which will make your photography time a lot more fun.

The DxO ONE has a super bright f1.8 aperture lens, and a 20.2 megapixel, 1-inch sensor. Compare that to the stock snapper on the iPhone and you will know how much better this accessory can make your pictures.

The hardware in itself is quite compact and very beautiful to look at too. The height of the DxO ONE is roughly the width of your iPhone and its under an inch thick. That means it’s even more compact than the Sony RX100, which in itself is a truly amazing and compact shooter.

The camera is filled with goodies which any photographer could dream of. It produces super high quality images and can also enable graphical effects like background blur and motion blur. It has a manually adjustable aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings. You also get camera modes and other stuff which you can normally see in a DSLR or micro four-thirds camera. Also, this amazing piece of hardware can capture video in 1080p at 30fps and in 720p at 120fps (super slow-motion).

The body itself is designed so as to swivel around the lightning connector giving you the feeling that your phone is a LCD display in a digital camera.

The pictures or videos you capture can be stored in a microSD card (Yes, the add-on has a slot) or directly into your iPhone’s memory. Moreover, the camera can capture pictures in RAW format allowing you more flexibility with the finished product in terms of editing with programs like Adobe Lightroom.

It surely will be an amazing addition to anyone’s photography kit. At $599, it is priced at almost the same price of a standalone camera, but if you are willing to pay with your hands open, this will surely be a great accessory.

Shipping is expected to begin in the US at around September. You can pre-order it if you like at dxo.com


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