Sony will be showcasing a four-player local multiplayer mode for the Morpheus VR Headset at the E3 2015 today. And even though Project Morpheus managed just a cameo appearance at the E3 2015, the multiplayer surprise promises multiplayer experiences with immersive virtual reality worlds, never seen before.

The kind of experience which Morpheus aims at providing, can be summed by by what Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO said,

Imagine playing a Morpheus game while four of your friends are inside the same virtual world playing alongside of you with DualShock 4 controllers on the couch.

Sony’s E3 booth will have Project Morpheus multiplayer demos on hand this year, including new games like Rigs, which beams you into a futuristic 3v3 battle arena. The PS4 virtual headset has been demoed in single player mode previously.

Mr. House did not provide any more details, but the game would be available for E3 visitors till the end of the week.

Project Morpheus was first introduced globally in March 2014, pitting Sony against the more popular Oculus headset. Moreover, battle already got a lot more tougher for Sony, when Oculus announced the availability of its consumer rift headset last week. And then you obviously have Hololens from Microsoft, which continues to speak about Nadella’s reinvigorated Microsoft.

However, what may pan out well for Sony, is the fact that Oculus Rift or Hololens for that matter, aren’t known to offer multiplayer gaming modes as of now. Morpheus is expected to be available to consumer worldwide by June 2016.

Even though Virtual reality headset gaming is in for a roll, gameplay still remains a challenge. However, now that primary technological deficiencies like high refresh displays and low latency tracking have been sorted out, improvements are picking up fast. And looking at how this year’s E3 focus remains so much glued to VR, it is just a matter of time when this tech becomes a regular product for gaming console owners.


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