The age-old brick and mortar store strategy has started to show crumbling signs in front of India’s burgeoning e-commerce growth, at least on electronic front. Further signalling their decline is Microsoft’s brand new exclusive store on Snapdeal, which the Redmond giant announced today.

This will be Microsoft’s second such online-only store, operated exclusively by the company itself. Microsoft had earlier partnered with Amazon India on similar grounds, which resulted in the opening of its first online-only brand store on the U.S. e-commerce giant’s Indian platform, in December last year.

The new Snapdeal store features Microsoft products across a wide number of categories, including Microsoft Lumias and related accessories, tablets, all of Microsoft’s software offerings and Microsoft’s gaming titles and consoles. Xbox One is also available on the new store.

The new store also features Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet range, though they are out of stock already, even though its the first day of the store launch.

Brands, as large as Microsoft, have been recently adapting to “exclusive online store” strategy as brick and mortar stores continue to experience crumbling sales amid the current e-commerce reign in India. These new online stores will further help in trust-building for e-commerce ventures among consumers, who are still apprehensive of buying products online with genuine-nature of the product being their primary concern.

You can visit Microsoft’s Snapdeal store, right here.


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