On the heels of Apple Maps’s transit update yesterday, Google Maps for iOS too has got an interesting update that allows you to ‘push locations and destinations’ from your desktop to iPhone.

Users can switch on the option via the settings menu to push a location to an iPhone or iPad from a “Send to Device” link in the Maps Web interface.

Opening a notification will jump directly to the given address. Only devices which have notifications on will appear as options after clicking Send to Device.Of course, you’ll need to be signed in to the same Google account from both devices for the service to function.

Android users have been leveraging the ‘Send To Device’ feature since April, and the iOS app now follows suit. The update also lets you edit businesss hours and view your reviews and photos.

Google has regularly providing updates to the Android as well as iOS apps. It released its API for Android Wear last week. Thanks to a recent update, Android users can embed custom apps within Maps.

The update surely comes as a relief for iOS Google Maps users, who earlier had to either take a PDF copy on their phone or go back through Maps search history to find the right route.


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