WorkHorse, an app based home centric service-on-demand company helping households book electricians, plumbers and other such servicemen and women, has raised an undisclosed amount from a group of HNI’s in Mumbai & Delhi. The company has also announced, that it is currently in talks to raise its next round to bolster its presence in coming months.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, WorkHorse is an app based on demand service provider for grey collar, semi-skilled and unskilled workforce. It currently offers on-demand Maid (ranging from <3Hrs to a single day to a monthly basis), Cleaning (car wash, dry cleaning, sofa clean, carpet cleaning, deep cleaning of homes etc), Driver (ranging from 3 hrs to one day use to outstation travel to a monthly basis), Beautician, repair personnel (electrician, carpenter, plumber, gadget repair etc) and servicing solution like AC repair or other maintenance work.


Talking about the recent fund raise, Kamallendu Singh- Head of Business at WorkHorse says,

We have launched a selective print campaign in Mumbai to announce the launch of our city operations in trial mode. In here, we urge our customers to try out our services and actively give us feedback to further customize the service offering and streamline the operations as per the local need. City trials are a way to adjust and customize our products to the need of a particular city.

Local services market is a highly scattered one in India. Unlike western countries, there are no standardised rates for getting a maid or an electrician even within the same city, thus making it extremely difficult for India’s young working population to find the right aid.

Startups though, have started banking on this pain point with a host of Workhorse-like services coming up recently. And investors too have shown great amount of interest in the same.

More recently, BabaJob, which is a larger and more organised platform for providing grey collar jobs, secured a staggering $10 Million round from SEEK Limited. Babajob claims to have over 2.5 million job openings listed on its platform and around 3 million job seekers

As for Workhorse, the startup currently aims to use this freshly pushed in capital  to strengthen the product and grow the supplier base with proper training across Mumbai and Delhi and scaling up itsoperations significantly.


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