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Developing cross-platform applications is going to get pretty smooth and easy. Microsoft, in its Build conference keynote today, announced Visual Studio Code, a cross platform code editor which lets you edit codes across OS X, Linux and Windows, all at once.

While still in preview, you can have a look at the application here.

The Visual Studio code is a light weight, cross platform application, allowing you to write codes for the next-generation of cloud and web apps, that can run across all, Linux, OS X and of course, Windows. What also sets Visual Studio Code apart, is the fact that it is Microsoft’s first attempt to provide a genuine, lightweight cross-platform code editor to developers.


Visual Studio Code offers support for almost all languages out there, and offers a rich code editing assistance. You get all those colours for various tags you use, thus making the entire development work smooth and easy. The rich code assistance, like any modern day code editing software, would notify you of code errors for you to correct them. JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js and ASP.NET 5 developers will also get a set of additional tools.


In an interview to TechCrunch earlier, S.Somesager, Microsoft’s VP for Developer division said, that the new editor is partly based on Microsoft’s experience with writing the online Monaco editor for Visual Studio Online, but the company also worked on bringing some of Visual Studio’s language features to Visual Studio Code.

While such rich code editing features come in other apps as well, its the sheer use of other visual Studio tools, which Microsoft has integrated, which will help Visual Studio Code lead the way.

Visual Studio Code’s announcement would come as a surprise to many. However, looking at Microsoft’s recent attempts at opening up more and more tools (like open-sourcing .NET Core) to developers, this was probably already on the cards.

Visual Studio Code is still in preview, you can have a look at the application here.


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