Microsoft has pulled the plug on the rollout of Windows 10 Technical Preview for a number of low-end Lumias, after reports that the update bricked certain handsets beyond repair.

Lumia device owners testing one build of the Windows 10 Technical preview found their phones unusable after attempting to roll back to Windows Phone 8.1. A Microsoft staffer confirmed on the Windows Insider discussion board that the company has halted the rollout of Windows 10 to Lumia 520, 525 and 526 handsets.

Microsoft said,

We are seeing some reports of failures on Lumia 520/525/526 devices when trying to roll back to Windows Phone 8.1 using the Windows Phone Recovery Tool.

The Windows Insider program allows anyone with a bit of technical knowledge to try out Microsoft’s work-in-progress OS and provide feedback and help shape the final product. The company has about one million registered insiders that can opt for either Fast builds, which are less stable, or Slow for the risk-averse.

The build that has caused problems for the Lumia devices, 10051, was released last week in the Fast lane. As such, insiders were warned to expect a number of known issues, and Microsoft offered its Windows Phone Recover Tool as a way to remedy those problems. Some have noted that the bricking has affected handsets not mentioned by Microsoft, including the Lumia 620 and Lumia 920. The firm has yet to address this.

The build may have been particularly appealing for Windows fans given it was the first release with Microsoft’s much-hyped Project Spartan browser .So, for Lumia 520 owners the safer way for them to currently see what’s in store for Windows 10 mobile will be to check out key feature.

Also, For those still able to use their Lumia smartphone, the latest build introduced Microsoft’s Project Spartan web browser, a new Maps app that integrates Bing and Here Maps, and a refreshed Outlook app that comes with more formatting tools.


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