Ever since Google introduced Chrome, traditional browsers have had to loose a major chunk of their market share to a more lighter and faster browser. Mozilla, whose Firefox browser also happens to be a part of those loosing share, has now confirmed a major management reshuffle as a part of company’s ongoing re-building efforts.

One of the biggest reshuffles for the company, is the departure of both, its President as well as Vice-President. Mozilla CEO Chris Beard confirmed the same to The Tech Portal in a statement which reads,

Li Gong and Rick Fant are stepping down and leaving Mozilla to pursue other opportunities. We thank them for all of their contributions and wish them well in their next adventures. As part of this transition, we are hiring a VP of Firefox OS to focus on the next phase of Firefox OS development and we’ll have more to share soon

Gong has been with Mozilla since 2007, when he joined from leading Bessemer Venture Partners’ China office. Prior to that,he was an executive with Microsoft in China and a long time Sun Microsystems employee prior to hat. Fant, meanwhile had been with Mozilla for two years, before that in roles with European carrier Vodafone, Volantis and Microsoft as well.

This reshuffle, is a part of Mozilla ongoing brand re-building plans wherein the company is stepping up its game to bring Firefox back to the table. As a part of those plans, a leaked presentation with TechCrunch suggests of a “fightback” marketing campaign that Mozilla has been planning to start in Q2. The company has confirmed the authenticity of that document to TechCrunch.

The new “fightback” campaign, while extensively focusses on marketing, lays stress on as to how Firefox is a more independent choice as compared to Chrome or IE. Mozilla has also partnered with its new search partner, Yahoo for the same.


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