And finally, after preparations that never seemed like ending, we are here, with the first edition of TP Pitch Off, all set to take off at CMR Institute of technology in Bangalore. And unlike other startup events in India, Pitch Off is free and open for all !

The event is all the more significant for us, because it has been just over 7-8 months since we entered into India’s Digital Media scene, with a clear aim to re-define country’s outdate digital media scenario. And here we are, with our very own event, and that too in such a short span of time.

TP Pitch Off is contrastingly different from all other startup events in India, for the following four reasons :

  • There is no space for “gyaan“, something which is quite rightly the genesis of most Indian startup events. Pitch Off is all about a chance to pitch directly in front of VCs from some of India’s most notable VC firms, a chance you can;t get without following all the formal procedures.
  • The Pitching is for just 60 SECONDS ! Now that is where you show us how efficiently you utilise your time as a startup !
  • The event is, was and will always be free for anyone and everyone who’s interested in startups. Charging from startups/audience who wish to see India’s startup eco-system grow, doesn’t exactly seem to be the right idea, isn’t it ?
  • Pitch-Off is obviously short, fun, and above all, a place where startups and VCs and experts collaborate to support anyone and everyone who’s associated with Indian start-up scene.

That is why Pitch-Off promises to be India’s most disruptive one hour. And, if you are looking for a glitz and glamour event, then you would probably be disappointed. But if you are looking for substance, Pitch-Off is the place to be !

And now, lets’s hear it for the final 12 startups in the line-up for TP Pitch-Off’s Bangalore Edition. Here they are :

  • Socioboard technologies
  • Evibe
  • Anakage Technologies
  • Infraeyes
  • PlayLyfe
  • Giftxoxo
  • YunoWorld Technologies
  • SnapShopr
  • Medidoct
  • Truck Suvidha
  • Df3d – Oste3d
  • BreakEven Junction

As for all of you in Bangalore, Be there to hear to some awesome 60 Second pitches from this awesome line-up.


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