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The rumor mill was pretty busy anticipating the PlayStation 4 update features for weeks. Laying all that to rest, Sony has revealed features of the system update 2.50, called ‘Yukimura’, which will be making its way to your consoles tomorrow.

The update comes with the highly anticipated Suspend/Resume function, something that gamers have been wanting to get their hands on forever- the feature allows for suspending game play whenever they feel like by putting the console in Rest Mode- a PS 4 functionality that involves the system going into a low power state, and resuming play by waking the console up. This, of course, eliminates the necessity of saving game progress.

Another feature avid gamers will appreciate is the ability to backup your console HDD content to an external USB device. Screenshots, videos, custom settings, data or downloads. Adding to a pretty robust social network support are tools, like – the Facebook friend finder, the ability to join friends in a game directly from the news feed (if you have the game too), a streamlined Party creation process and an improved friend request sending process- Real name request and friend request can be sent in at once.

Trophies are synonymous with bragging rights, so this update makes it easier, with automated screenshot taken every time a trophy is earned, along with controls to share and organize them.

Other features include text-to-speech and enlarging text for all GUIs, and 18+ users will be enabled with sub accounts  to upgrade to a master on PS4, eliminating chat restrictions. There will be a badge verification foe certain select game developers, designers and producers.


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