So you just get a Sunday to go through Tech-Portal (that’s really sad though) ? Well, never mind. We thought of aiding you out to give the best of both worlds – tech and startup. So here we are, with past week’s top 10 stories.

  1. Reserve Bank of India finally decided, that it’s time they at least bring out India’s banking system out from vintage, if not other things. As a result of that thought process, RBI abolished the hugely frustrating two-step authentication for transaction below Rs. 2000.
  2. While Mr. Prime Minister may shout at the loudest of his voice, it looks like the newly-formed BJP government has brought in more censorship to the table. While they had earlier banned some 40 website from India, this time, the Government’s request to Facebook for deletion of content and profile data of certain suspects, increased by a large margin.


  1. Now some stories from the west. Microsoft released technical previews of both Skype For Business and Office 2016. What was interesting, was a slew of new features being introduced into Office, about which you can know more by reading the entire story.
  2. The ever-abuzz Windows 10 : Rahul brought us the news of Internet Explorer long-awaited demise, while we also came to know (not exactly though) Microsoft’s release plans for Windows 10. Interestingly, Microsoft also told us about its under-the-wraps parnership with Xiaomi, and how it won’t support systemts with pirated old Windows version, even though it would upgrade them to Windows 10 for free.
  3. To combat Flipkart’s ever-increasing dominance in India’s e-commerce space, Snapdeal acquired logistics firm GoJavas, in a bid to “finally” look more seriously into e-com’s most important aspect, logistics ! Too late Snapdeal ?!


  1. Pinterest’s crazy fund-raising spree isn’t stopping, at least for now. The visual discovery platform raised a staggering $367 Million Series G round, with space to squeeze in $133 Million more !
  2. India may finally see “some” footprint into Global core-tech market. Tata has decide to go big at innovation, as it has plans to launch itself into wearables, drone designing and more importantly, hydrogen-fuel cells. Tata Wearable ? or Tata watch ? Time will tell.
  3. If its a weekly-roundup, and India’s taxi market doesn’t get a mention, that would be insanely cruel, isn’t it ? Let’s head there then. Meru Cabs is “reportedly” in talks to raise a $100 Million to keep afloat its taxi-business, while it continues to remain under pressure from U.S.-based rival Uber, and homegrown Ola. Talking about Ola, the company ventured out damn quietly into food delivery business, with the launch of “Ola Cafe” feature.
  4. Apple Stuff : The Cupertino giant will now offer its famed iPhone gift cards, even if you switch from an Android to an iPhone. Even though the company reached a $700 Billion valuation, it still isn’t sure what will content the Cupertino “giant”. Apple is also expected to roll out an Apple TV upgrade, which “may” include Siri and App store.
  5. This week, we featured an innovative startup, Vibrant Cove. They are in the business of re-defining the way your usual internet search works by providing perspective to your usually irrelevant internet search. Kudos ! We really need to get out of that machined search isolation.



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