Facebook is now testing a dialler app for your Android smart”phone” and it has been named “phone”, at least in its test-phase versions. Android Police got hold of screenshots of the under-testing app, which gives a hint of a simple Dialler app, with usual features like call-blocking, instant call etc.


The app, as mentioned by Facebook in the description itself, is a simple dialler which shows you information about who’s calling and whether its a blocked number. The app also automatically blocks commonly unwanted calls, pretty much similar to other dialler apps out there.

The app however, is probably on an internal testing mode. This is because of the [FB-ONLY] tag you see in the screenshot. It looks like someone from Facebook’s internal testing team released the app, when it wasn’t supposed to.

Phone (the name that screenshot suggests), might probably be Facebook’s big way of entering into your phone’s system rather than just lying there like any other social-networking app. Also, this might be Facebook’s way of making its ad program more comprehensive, as it would get hold of some real, serious database once (and if) this app goes public.

However, it still isn’t clear whether Facebook will actually release this app. Nevertheless, we at least know that it is testing something like that.



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