Pinterest’s crazy fund raising spree isn’t ending, at least fr some more time. According to its recent government filing (via TechCrunch) the visual discovery platform is looking to raise a $500 Million Series G round, of which it has already amassed a staggering $367 Million.

As per the filing, Pinterest has a total of $577,916,906 Million to offer for its current (and probably last) round, out of which it has already sold $367,099,927 Million to its current Series G investors. Pinterest further confirmed, that it is indeed valued at a whopping $11 Billion, post this round.

The San Francisco head-quartered company further said, that it looking to raise this round to fuel international expansion.

Pinterest has raised an astounding $762.5 Million seven funding rounds till date, and its current round, though still incomplete, has taken its total raised capital to over $1 Billion already.

Pinterest last round, was a $200 Million Series F, which it raised in May last year.


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