Daily Rounds, an online journal (now with a mobile app too) which provides case studies, quizzes, news and other medical-related digital content for doctors, has raised a $500K seed round from KAE Capital, GSF and Teruhide Sato.

Founded in January 2014 as an online journal, and now on Android and iOS too, DailyRounds delivers a daily updated digital Journal with clinical cases, recent updates and MCQs, This content is reviewed by a 3-step screening process, by editors from within the company.

The editorial team at DailyRounds selects cases based on five criteria

  • The case presents a diagnostic, ethical or management challenge.
  • The case highlights aspects of mechanisms of injury, pharmacology or histopathology that are deemed of particular educational value.
  • At least 30% of cases are Common Clinical Scenarios
  • The case was managed based on latest evidence based guidelines
  • Comprehensively evaluated cases with no open or missing links.

The startup has tie-ups with major medical institutions across the globe, including the likes of NYU Lagone, AIIMS Delhi, Peninsula Medical School among over 78 other instotutes. The journal has a collection of over 190 clinical cases contributed by over 120 contributors.

DailyRounds claims that it has over 45,000 doctors using its services and it is adding 300 new doctors daily on its platform. With its upcoming iOS app, it is targeting to reach 200,000 doctors by the end of the year.

Dr. Deepu Sebin, the co-founder of the company, said,

Considering the users are doctors, we believe the numbers are very solid. We are uniquely positioned and our core strength is our doctors and coders team and the fact that we are solving a real pain point. We are at core a tech company, the aim is to build the best tech company. And that is how you build a great medical company.

Daily Rounds has also partnered with AIIMS Endocrinology, WikiDoc and other top medical schools of India and US for case studies and expects these to ramp up. It is expecting to make money through subscription of premium case studies, ads and analytics solutions, designed specially for doctors and medical personnel.


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