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Google launches a new hardware store to showcase products “Made With Google”

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Google today launched a new online hardware store, completely separate from the Play Store, which will now serve as your new place to buy all hardware which has been made “with” Google. That includes the Nexus devices, ChromeBooks, Nest hardware and all other partner products, including accessories like cases/covers etc.

As of now, the new store features the following products :

  • Nexus devices, which includes both smartphones and tablets
  • Nest home devices
  • ChromeBooks
  • Google’s Chromecast TV dongle

and a special slideshow sorts of web page, which features the entire development story of Android. Don;t know as to how that is relevant, considering that Android faces no near-future loss of identity threat.

Further down the line, you may see smartphone and tablets from Google’s partner vendors, coming up on the new Online store. Also, don’t forget Android One. Those devices may too come up on regional online stores.

All in all, this is fine move. Google itself says that “as we’ve added more products to the family, we thought it was time to make it easier for you to learn more about them”, the new store serves the exact purpose. Considering how Google is getting aggressive into hardware, all those new devices were making the play store a bit cluttered. Now, with a dedicated store, buying Google hardware is simpler and convenient.

If you had made any purchases on the Play Store, all of that will be automatically transferred to the new Google hardware store.


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