Though Microsoft announced in January, that members of its Insider Program will be seeing an increased frequency of the release of new builds, that hasn’t quite happened. Acknowledging those concerns, Microsoft’s Gabe Aul hinted that the Redmond giant may be looking to speed up the process after all.

Gabe says that Microsoft has been “too conservative” about pushing builds to the Fast ring for Windows Insiders. He then explains with this diagram as to how the frequency is 2X-3X in Canary, as compared to OSG. Aul says that the reason builds are released slowly to OSG, is because of the fact that most canary builds are buggy in nature, and are hence not forwarded to the OSG ring.


He further says that Microsoft is looking to change that approach, and in fact that process has already started. So does that mean that you’ll get faster builds if you are in the Fast Ring ? Well, by the looks of what Gabe Aul said, the frequency may increase after all. He says,

We’re debating right now about whether we should simply adjust the speed/risk balance of the Fast ring or whether we should create a new ring for people who really want the fastest pace possible (I had serious conversations last week with my team about a “Ludicrous Speed” ring, no joke.) As we make decisions on this we’ll communicate out to you so you know what to expect.

Fast ring users have been arguing that Microsoft had assured developers of faster Windows 10 builds, a differentiating factor from similar programs for earlier iterations of Windows. However, developers haven’t had the fastest of releases as of now.

So summing up, Microsoft may finally be looking to speed up the build delivery process. While the new builds may be more buggy, but hey ! they are at least coming out faster.



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