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iOS 8.2 comes with an Apple Watch app you just can’t get rid of !

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Enjoyed the Apple Watch announcement ? Enjoyed the new, ultra-thin, supermantastic MacBook ? Did you also update your iDevice to the new iOS 8.2 ? Yes ? Well, stop right there. Because the new Apple Watch app, which comes bundled with the iOS 8.2 can not be deleted, and does nothing except playing some videos.

While we all loved Apple’s newly launched smartwatch (no matter if one of those costs over $10,000 i.e. INR 6.2 Lacs), and got some much needed bug fixes in the form of iOS 8.2, it looks like Apple has hard-coded an Apple Watch app, like many of those Calendar, iBooks, newsstand and etc. etc,. And so much for the hard-code, the app can’t be deleted.

As mentioned above, the app for now has actually nothing to do with the Apple Watch as it plays some promotional stuff for now. We are still not sure as to why Apple has not provided the ption to remove this app, considering that it is just eating up space on your iDevice.

Moreover, considering the price at which Apple Watch comes, many may nt buy that piece of wearable at all ! You one of them ? Too bad. That Apple Watch app will still be teasing you for your not-buying attitude (and may ultimately compel you to buy one).

The list of apps which are non-deletable is rather silly. You have Weather! Clock! Maps! Notes! Remindes! Stocks! Passbook! Newsstand! iBooks! and now the Apple Watch.

The notion of non-deletable apps is probably the biggest bug-fix users have been demanding, but Alas! Apple isn’t heeding to that demand, at least in near future.



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