If there’s one virtual rule which has been created in the tech scenario as a whole, it is this : You’ve got to have a major presence in India. While many major tech companies now operate quite a whole lot of their operations via India, Apple has remained rather hesitant in doing any major business within or from India. Well, that might just change.

A report in Economic Times now states, that the Cupertino giant is looking to set up a technology development center in India, marking the company’s first major and serious move to step foot into India.

A source close to the entire development, told ET that the company is in “early stages” of setting up the center in India. While Apple had tried a similar move back in 2006, it didn’t materialise due to poor service quality it received within India. However, this time around, it is the “the pool of engineers specialised in retail and e-commerce”that has drawn Apple’s attention towards opening up a center in India.

Another source claimed that Bob Kupbens, VP at Apple’s Online Retail division is the one leading the charge for setting up this center. Kupbens has a prior experience of working in India, and his expertise of country’s tech sector is the reason why he’s leading the setting up of this center.

While the center would benefit India to a large extent, it will also come as a major boost to Apple itself. Though Apple continues to reign smartphone markets and market capitalisation numbers, it still hasn’t had any impact on the fastest growing smartphone market on the globe.

While Apple’s products are obviously regarded well by India’s tech-savy audience, Apple has still failed to gain any major traction, largely because of its negligence of this market and hesitance to go for a major push. Moreover, Apple gets most of its manufacturing done in India’s northern rival China, which may have not gone down well with the Indian populace.

In the current scheme of things, it will be interesting to see how this dev center turns out.


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