While ChromeBox isn’t something you find everyday, a powerful ChromeBox is even rarer. Defying those odds, Acer has just announced new and improved versions of their Chromeboxes, with 4th generation Intel Core i3 4030U dual-core CPU, in a willowy package, that costs $399.99 for the 8GB version. Condensed version- the cheapest Chromebox out there with amazing computing prowess and 8 GB memory to boot.

The new additions are, well, additions to the existing CXI line, the i3 replacing the Celeron. CXI-i34GKM features 4GB of RAM, while CXI-i38GKM features 8GB. Both Chromeboxes are outfitted with a 16GB Solid State Drive, and support output to 2K and 4K displays through HDMI and DisplayPort. The 4 GB version will be sold at a retail price of $349.99.

The models are going to be robust, along with the offering of some heavy-duty performance and energy efficiency. While this series was originally designed for the education sector and SMEs, with the new launch, that hard-core gamer within you may pretty well start taking a peep into it.

General device specifications include connectivity options like 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and Gigabit Ethernet, along with  four USB 3.0 ports including two with power off charging for smartphones and tablets. It is a VESA-mountable desktop. The specs make it sound almost same as the other Chromeboxes out there- Dell and Asus, but what is different is the 8 GB, memory, which is made available only by HP (a Core i7 model) that costs $660.

Data analysis showed that laptops running the operating system were best sellers across the entire category in 2014. Looks like the Chrome OS is getting something right, and is worthy competition to Microsoft and iMacs.


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