The first Public Beta of OSX is out and unsurprisingly, Apple has now integrated its Photos App to the same, for the first time in its release history.

The Photos app debuted in the Developer Preview version of OS X back at the beginning of February and Apple had then said that it would arrive via the AppleSeed program in advance of a general release this spring.

So if you are a part of Apple’s develpoer program, you can straight away download the newly released Public Beta, which will give you access to the Photos app automatically. Though the newly integrated photos app is more responsive and zippy as compared to the one on iPhones, its entire interface borrows heavily from the one offered in iOS devices.

The new OSX release includes the iCloud-based Photos application for the Mac and new Emojis across the system. Apart from this, Apple has finally made it simpler for users with Google Profiles to login, even if they have the two-factor authentication method enabled.


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