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The second-gen Moto E (3G variant) will retail for INR 6,999 in India

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Motorola has indeed earned back its fortune and is making use of this opportunity at its best with the vigorous expansion of its product line-up. As teased by the company last week, it has announced the second-generation Moto E smartphone in two variants.

Heating up India’s already cut-throat price wars, Motorola and Flipkart have now announced that the next generation Moto-E will come into India at a highly competitive price tag of INR 6,999.


The phone was launched a couple of days back in two variants. While one of them features 4G LTE support, the other is compatible only with 3G networks. The second generation Moto E has a 4.5-inch display with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection, which is somewhat bigger compared to the 4.3-inch display that came along with its predecessor.

Powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor and clocked at 1.2GHz, the mid range smartphone comes along with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage. Along with 5 MP rear camera, it also has a VGA front-facing camera. That’s quite an addition since the previous model had no front camera fabricated to it. Rear camera seem to have received an upgrade in form of autofocus capability. However, it still misses flash and will be next to useless in dark.

It runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system out-of-the-box. The phone will be available in two variants – 3G and 4G LTE. The battery capacity has also increased to 2,390mAh, up from the 2,080mAh powerhouse of the first-generation model.

Motorola said in a statement-

We’re introducing the next generation, packed with more features and functionality to give people around the world even greater access to life’s possibilities — without a hefty price tag.

Motorola announced that the new Moto E will begin rolling out in more than 50 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Globally, the 3G model is priced at $119 while the 4G LTE model is priced at $149. There is still no information available about the pricing of 4G model or availability of the phone.


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