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Raise your team’s Twitter hashflag and join the cricket world cup battle !

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Hashtag Flags are back ! For all the people on Twitter who have turned the microblogging platform into a battlefield(or celebration) over the ICC World Cup 2015, here is Twitter’s tool to show the love and support for your team.

Hashtag flags had debuted during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and becuase it was so popular, it made an appearance in the last year’s World Cup as well. The field was football, earlier. This time, it will be used in the biggest tournament that is played once every four years. An example:


If you type a ‘#’, follwed by the first three letters of the team you support, your tweets will show this emoji flag. The previous Indian matches have already been a , demonstrated by the fact that first match day(against #PAK) had a staggering 17 lakh tweets, and the match against #SA was exponential, with 69.2 tweets. Way to go, Blue supporters.

In a related story, let’s see how the match against #UAE plays out. Fingers crossed for the Men In Blue.



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