Prezi, the Hungarian company that helps in developing movie-like presentations, and boasts of a solid 50 million users of the cloud based software, has ventured into the customer market with unveiling of a new short video making app, called Nutshell.

Prezi(the software is of the same name as the company) has four adages- ‘Motion’, ‘Collaborate’- you can build presentations with coworkers wherever, whenever it is convenient, ”Meaningful’- visual representation of idea interlinking, ‘Personalize’- Use images and videos to enhance your presentation. It basically uses a canvas, which you can zoom into, add relevant bits of information and media for your presentation, and the software will use motion effects between the element gaps to give a movie- like feel.

This is how Nutshell works, too. You have to snap three pictures in a row, add to it the text/graphics to go along with them and it gets turned into a movie sequence- like a short video, and it can be shared across all social platforms- Twitter, Instagram etc.

Adam Somlai-Fischer, Prezi co-founder, says they came upon the idea for Nutshell when they noticed it was not only being used by the working/professional demographic, but people who were using it for capturing life events like birthdays or holidays.

Nutshell is exactly what the name suggests- “an epic story condensed into the space of a moment,” the co-founder says. They hope to make an impact using the spatial context to visually communicate life moments in a memorable way. Well, a fancy way of saying- making videos.

‘Nutshell’, has its very own competitor in Vine- the more popular short form video sharing service. How Nutshell fares in the market, though, is time’s story to tell.


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