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[UPDATE] Voice calling on WhatsApp is reportedly out for testing, but in a limited release

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WhatsApp has finally begun the testing phase of its much anticipated (and delayed) voice calling feature. Certain reddit users have now started posting screenshots of a beta build of WhatsApp’s Android app with the voice calling feature. 

Reddit user pradnesh07 who posted the screenshots, has further explained that the apps works fine when being used across different countries, varied ROMs or Operating systems.

However, the roll-out is extremely limited and that is why you may have not even got a hint of any such build. To get the beta build to function, you need to forward the same to the contact you wish to make voice calls to. Once done, you can start using the voice calling feature.

Do keep in mind though, that the invite sending procedure requires quite a workaround. Also, since its a beta release, and is surprisingly extremely limited in release, we would advise you to install it on a spare phone so as to protect your chat histories and other app data.

This comes just days after India’s Hike launched voice calling feature on its updated IM app. Hike has rolled out the updated version on the Android app for the time being, and it plans to roll-out the same on iOS and Windows platform soon.

We’ve mailed WhatsApp for comments, and will update the story if we receive any confirmation of this feature’s roll-out.


WhatsApp has now confirmed to us, in an e-mailed response, that they are indeed testing the voice calling feature spotted in screenshots. However, the company can not share more details on the same yet. Here’s WhatsApp’s statement,

 Yes, we are starting to beta test voice calling for a small number of people but nothing else to share just yet.


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