We all love lollipop, its material design, better usability, speedy phone and what not. But Alas ! Google’s dreadfully slow roll-out and multiple vendor customisations, has resulted in less than 2% of Android devices upgrading to the most advanced Android OS yet.

As per latest statistics arriving from Google’s official version-by-version usage chart, Android Lollipop is currently active in just 1.6% of all Android-powered devices, while JellyBean continues to lead with 44.5% of the total share.


Adoption problems, with Google’s Android OS are clearly visible, as some 0.4% devices still continue to use the very first Android version, Froyo. Google, while announcing Lollipop last year, had promised to work on its distribution strategies so as to bring uniformity to the highly scattered Android OS distribution. However, nothing seems to be working as of now.

The only upside though, is the fact that Google is now publishing its own app through PlayStore, thus allowing users with even lower Android versions, to upgrade o the latest app. While you may not get a feel of Lollipop’s material design, you can still enjoy updated Google apps, even if your phone run a lower Android version.



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