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After being alleged for hacking Microsoft’s Outlook service and consequently blocking it, China has now denied those allegations, terming them ‘groundless’, reported the state-run Xinhua News Agency.

The denial came from Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) spokesman Jiang Jun, after internet activist group GreatFire.Org had earlier released a report, saying that Microsoft Outlook felt prey to a Man-in-the-middle cyber attack. GreatFire blamed China’s CAC for not taking preventive measures, despite being aware of such an attack

The report further mentioned that the attack, which came just days after Gmail suffered a similar service blockade for a couple of days in China, lasted for over a day and was later brought under control.

However, CAC spokesman Jiang Jun denied the allegations, saying that these accusations are aimed to “incite dissatisfaction and smear China’s cyberspace management system”.

China’s Great Firewall, which is considered to be world’s most sophisticated cyber control mechanism, has been facing immense criticism for blocking foreign services, which provide even the slightest hint of dissent against the ruling Communist Party.


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