It hasn’t been a long time since Dropbox and Microsoft had declared their partnership for editing Office files on dropbox. So a Dropbox app for the Windows phones and tablets (running Windows 8.1) was inevitable and a much awaited one.

Most of the Android and iOS users have the Dropbox app on their phones and tablets. I personally cannot think of replacing this app with anything else on the market. Well, the app is now (finally) coming to Windows devices too, and we’ll still consider this a late arrival considering the newly forged partnership between Microsoft and DropBox.

The app has those traditional Dropbox features like having the option for a ‘Camera uploads’ to take an online backup of your photos and keep only your favorite ones so as to optimize your internal storage. It’s possible to mark your favorites files too which happens to be a handy feature for the heavy users. You can add multiple accounts like a personal one and one for work too, right in the app itself.

The important point for Windows users is that they can start using their storage app right from the start screen. You can use the ‘pin a file/folder‘ feature to directly use your important files from the start screen without launching the app.

This is a nice move as it benefits both Dropbox and Microsoft to reel in as many users as they can. Then it’s obvious that this is what their motive really was for a partnership. The introduction of the Dropbox app marks the next phase of this partnership.

All in all, it’s a good day for the Windows phone/tablet users. The Dropbox app is available for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT users. You can go and download it from your phone and tablet’s respective app stores.

IMAGE : FLICKR / CC 2.0 / Ian Lamont

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