Google has been rolling out the Material design updates on it’s apps on Android for a while now. As for the iOS, it rolled out the Google Maps Material design update recently. Continuing with its material design makeovers, Google has today released an updated, material-design version of Google Chrome for iOS devices.

Google’s new design update is familiar to what it offers to Android users. In fact, if you’re put an Android device along side your iOS device, you may hardly find any differentiating aspect between them. This is no news that the material design looks more firm, bright and feels to be in flow with all of your browsing interface.

There is an attempt to overcome the distinction of the size of the screen you’re using. It practically means that the look is designed to accommodate both phones and tablets, so as to run them in sync with each other.

The design has introduced usage of bold colors, sharpness and fluidity in use. There seems to be a certain depth to work along with the animation (serious attention has been given to the sort of animation that the material design presents).

Google has decided to optimize its apps with material design even on iOS rather than going for optimization for iOS 8 which suggests their approach for a more universal interface.

The new version has a black background and the top left corner of the screen shows the option to add more tabs while the top right corner allows to manage tabs and switch between them. The bottom of the screen has three options. You can choose between your bookmarks, recent history or the most visited pages (as thumbnails too).

However, the interesting part about the entire iOS update is the introduction of Apple’s Handoff feature. The Handoff feature lets you transfer your webpages from your iOS device to your Mac (running Yosemite) and vice-versa. This way, you can look at a page from your Mac and if you have to leave your Mac away, you can still have that page transferred to your iPhone from where you left it.

The update also brings further optimizations for iOS so that you can run Chrome, properly on your big screen iPhones. There are usual bug fies The update is LIVE on the app store for installation. Here are the release notes :

What’s New in Version 40.0.2214.61

• New look with Material Design bringing bold graphics, fluid motion, and tactile surfaces
• iOS 8 optimizations and support for bigger phones
• Support handoff from Chrome to your default browser on OS X
• Stability improvements and bug fixes


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