Apart from unveiling a host of things at its event today, Microsoft finally unwrapped its hugely speculated ‘Spartan’ Project. Yes, as expected, this is indeed a new browser, which Microsoft is bringing to Windows 10.

The browser will feature a new rendering engine, and to sum things up, this is what Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for its Operating Systems Group said,

[The new browser] will empower our next generation of Windows users on Windows 10.

And by the looks of it, it may seriously do some empowering work for you as a user. Let’s take a look at what it has got.

Well firstly, if you are expecting this browser to come into the upcoming Windows 10 build, you’ll have to take sad face back. The browser is not coming to the next Windows 10 build, and in fact there is no official word as to when will Microsoft’s ‘Project Spartan’ arrive. Microsoft also didn’t talk about any of the technical details of the new engine.

As for the features, Spartan features a built-in PDF reader, and a distraction-free reading mode. It also helps you maintain reading lists.

Apart from this, Spartan features Microsoft’s personal Voice assistant Cortana,which is again a built-in feature. Cortana will work in a similar way as it worked on your windows devices. It will provide you with additional info on the websites you are browsing. It will also detail you more about the searches you are doing. For example, it will show you your flight itinerary, and will provide with you a restaurant’s details, if you search for one.

Spartan has probably been brouht by Microsoft to replace the age-old IE. Ie’s rendering engines had been dubbed out-dated by many, and the security infra which modern day chromes and firefoxes provide, are way better than IE. We’ll have to wait till Spartan’s developer preview, to see how things go with Microsoft’s fresh take.



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