iDrive today unveiled its first hardware product dubbed ‘iDrive Wi-Fi’ on a global scale. Interestingly, the drive offers a complete data encryption along with a wireless connectivity that enables you to backup the whole content residing in the drive to iDrive’s cloud service. ( via TechCrunch)

The external storage device encrypts your whole of the data and helps you to make a backup of through Wi-Fi locally. Yes, that means you can take a backup of your whole PC via the iDrive Wi-Fi with no actual wired connections needed. You’ll need subscription for it’s cloud storage for that, of course. Considering the competition in the market for local and cloud storage facilities, this is a bold yet innovative move.

iDrive explains the key point which drove the company to conceive this extraordinary device-

This is a great device for mobile users who constantly run out of storage space – they can easily clear out space on their phones with backing it up locally and do it fast,” 

iDrive’s mobile application is another way to use the local storage and once again, you can take the backup to it’s cloud service so that your data is in more than one place. While there are clearly a number of competing cloud storage services on the market today, including big names like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Dropbox, the feature that differentiates iDrive Wi-Fi from others is its ability to restore the data you’ve backed up earlier, in case of accidental deletion or when you are switching on to an another device.

The new iDrive Wi-Fi hard drives include 256-AES encryption with an optional private key, a USB 3.0 interface and cable, wall charger, cross-platform compatibility allowing them to work with PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Furthermore,the iDrive Wi-Fi comes with a one year subscription to it’s cloud services, so it’s not just a hardware for sale. You will have to continue subscribing to its cloud services in order to get further storage for data transfer,.

The 1 TB iDrive Wifi shows off a $99.99 price tag while the 2 TB model comes at $149.99, with both prices including the subscription service.

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