Regular watch-makers have already sensed the trouble they are in, due to smartwatches. The sad part is, they are a bit too late. In a ditch attempt to save a dying commodity, MontBlanc has announced a smart bracelet called ‘e-strap’ which attaches to your mechanical watch and actually doesn’t so anything.

Quite rightly, one of the most silly products one could expect out of a brand like MontBlanc, this so-called ‘e-Strap’ attaches like any other regular strap to your mechanical watch. Why do I call this silly ? Because I would expect the company to launch a rather full fledged luxury smartwatch (similar to what Tag Heuer has planned) than this ‘e-strap’ thing.

Mont Blanc’ e-Strap features a high-end leather strap that has a carbon fiber texture to it. The luxury watchmaker is calling this “Extreme Montblanc Leather” and they produce it in Florence, Italy. On the reverse side, sitting under your wrist is an electronic module made from DLC (diamond like carbon) coated steel or in gray steel.

The e-Strap will come on a few of the new for 2015 Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed watches, but will be available for purchase separately.

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