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The site is making several changes to its design, to organize tweets better overall.Twitter Tuesday morning announced a web-based Profile redesign, slugged “A Whole New You.


On Tuesday morning in a blog post, Twitter showed examples of a new website profile look that will start rolling out to users immediately, with their goal being to feature photos more prominently, featured content, and more. Unfortunately the new design is available to few users only, but it will be rolled out to a wide range of people in next few weeks.

What’s new?

As per twitter, it says tweets would be better organized . Users will be able to see which of their tweets have engendered the most activity, because they will appear larger. New design will let you use the larger profile picture and enlarge cover photo. Now user can pin their favorite posts and also tag there friends in pictures .Other changes includes web navigation, larger header photo, highlights of the most popular tweets.

Don’t get too surprised if you see a facebook-like twitter.