Its a cold Sunday morning in here, and since its a Sunday, there hasn’t been much of news lately. So I thought of going around the internet looking for fun things and just when I though that there’s isn’t much which even Internet could do about this boring Sunday morning, an article by Greg  Kumparak on TechCrunch came up, telling me about this innovative Web clock of sorts.

So let’s take a very “brief” look as to what this project actually does. The project, named “All The Minutes” tells you the current time, by using tweets from people across the globe.

How does it do this ? It actually pulls in tweets related to the current time (local). For example, its 11:04 in the morning right now, so whoever mentions 11:04 in their tweet, it will get pulled up by this project and will get displayed on the screen.


The project has been designed by a Dutch studio named Moniker which specialises in tech-meets-art kind of things.You too can see this, just click here and enjoy your cold Sunday morning, with a cup of coffee and laziness inside the famous “Jaipuri quilt”.

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