Uber’s sheer negligence of laws of the land has now but the app-based cab company in some serious trouble. As per NDTV, Delhi Police is preparing to register a case against the American multinational due to company’s overlook of the suspected driver’s past criminal records.

As per Delhi Police, the arrested driver, Shiv Kumar Yadav, 32, had earlier faced imprisonment of 7 months for allegedly raping a 22 year old woman. This case was registered in 2011 and the woman had hired his cab from a Gurgaon Pub at around 3:30 A.M.

Police is investigating, as to how the company hired an employee with a criminal record which included a crime as heinous as rape, when it boasts of thorough background checks and Police verifications of all its drivers.

Uber has constantly been under severe scrutiny, in almost every major market it operates. India, which is company’s second largest market in terms of number of cities it is operational in, was one of the very few countries where Uber hadn’t faced any legal actions, yet.

Things have now changed dramatically though, as the Delhi-rape incident has snowballed into a country-wide protest  against the American cab company, which may now find it extremely difficult to operate within the current scheme of things.

It had earlier faced injunction in Nevada and bans in Thailand and Portland, Oregon due to violation of various transportation laws in the respective markets.

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