Iran’s continuous denial of Internet freedom to its citizens has elevated even further, as it prepares to ID internet users in the country. As per a report from AFP (via Yahoo News), the Iranian Government is developing a system which will detect a user within the country as soon as he/she logs in.

Iran has been one of the most active nations to block content on the internet which goes against a certain religion or political belief within the country. Freedom on the internet will remain nothing short of a joke, when the Iranian Government implements its new user detection system. Iran’s telecommunications minister said,

Because of our efforts, in future when people want to use the Internet they will be identified, and there will be no web surfer whose identity we do not know The first phase of smart online filtering will be ready within a month, a second phase within three months and a third within six months

Iran is not new to powering down its citizens to view just the censored content which Government allows. As per a report, almost half of Iran’s 75 Million populace uses Internet and 69% of the youngsters use pirated or illegal software to bypass Government’s security infrastructure.

Websites, whose content is repeatedly blocked as per Government’s guidelines include Google, YouTube, Facebook and more recently, IM apps like WhatsApp, Tango and Viber.

In a similar censorship incident in October, Iran blocked access to a specific page on Instagram, which depicted the lifestyle of Tehran’s young elite.


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