Though freely available pirated tracks on numerous websites hasn’t really allowed Music streaming in India to service, but that hasn’t deterred Saavn to even further expand its service. The New York head-quartered music streaming service has now partnered with Twitter to add tweet-powered radio to its music streaming portfolio.

To get your favourite tracks played on its tweet-radio, you simply have to tweet to the @SaavnRadio account. Once tweeted, your track gets lined up and a mix of all the requested tracks is played on it.

Saavn Co-Founder and CEO Rishi Malhotra told TechCrunch in an interview,

Music streaming has always been an inherently social service, we [at Saavn] already see lots of activity from users worldwide and identified a natural opportunity to create a radio station. This puts the power of programming into our users’ hands

Twitter’s own music service died a miserable death. As a result, it is more into the business of providing its platform to other music streaming services like Saavn and SoundCloud.

Saavn claims to have over “a million” Bollywood/Hollywood tracks in its catalog, which is expanding on a daily basis. The company recently raised fresh funding, and it is cleverly using those fund to aggressively publicise its service to even more users. A similar partnership with allowed users of latter’s mobile app to get free subscription to Saavn’s Pro service.

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