Xiaomi is looking unstoppable right now. As per a Chinese newspaper, Economic Daily News (via DigiTimes), the half-a-decade old Chinese smartphone brand is now gearing up, to launch its next flagship device, the Mi5 at the Consumer Electronics Show next year.

Xiaomi’s Mi3 and Mi4 have been an instant hit, no matter where they were launched. Xiaomi’s rather innovative flash sales model and its extremely aggressive pricing strategies has helped the Chinese brand reach the No. 3 position in global smartphone rankings.

If Xiaomi continues to price its upcoming, the Mi5 on similar lines as its Mi3 and Mi4, it is going to be a nightmare for all the galaxies and  The latest flagship is expected to sport a 5.7 inch, 2K display and is likely to be powered by a quad-core Qualcomm processor.

The device is also expected to feature a finger-print sensor. Yes, it looks like Xiaomi isn’t just ready to leave the Apple design philosophy, even after some heated exchanges between Jony Ive and Xiaomi head, Lin Bin.

But still, the fingerprint sensor isn’t just the Apple thing anymore. Samsung has already put a fingerprint sensor on two of its flagships, no matter how hard it is to slide over that thing to make it work. It will be interesting to see as to whether Xiaomi brings out an innovation in the use of the fingerprint sensor technology or it just corroborates Jony Ive’s comments about the brand. Lot at stake for Xiaomi. Stay tuned.

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