After introducing and expanding itself in Kansas, Google Fiber broadband service has now signed up customers in South and South-East Austin.

Google Fiber is Google’s ‘fiber-to-the-premises service’ in the United States, that provides broadband internet and television to a small and slowly increasing number of locations.

Beginning itself in Kansas City, it planned to expand itself to Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah. And realizing the endeavour, it asks the individuals in South and South-East Austin to sign up. Its being expanded neighbourhood by neighbourhood and Google calls it the ‘FIBERHOOD’.

As in Kansas, Google Fiber offers three options,

• 1 Gbps worth $70 per month.

• 1 gigabit and Google’s Fiber TV service go for $130 a month.

• A basic 5 Mbps internet is free for consumers who pay a $300 construction fee.

The services will be soon expanded to rest of Austin and other neighbourhoods. Google is yet to announce the official dates.

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