A few weeks ago, we told you about Xiaomi’s $1.5 Billion fund-raise to expand into international markets. Now, in a change of plans, Xiaomi will instead, focus on its international strongholds like India and Indonesia, and will scale down its go-west policy.

As per a report on CNET.com, Xiaomi’s VP Hugo Barra said in a statement,

Our focus is to add market by market, one at a time, and to focus on bringing all of our products to each of those markets before we add a new one.

He further added, saying,

Earlier this year, we talked about wanting to be in 10 markets within 2014, We realized that it’s a smarter thing to do to scale back a bit and put a ton of effort in India and Indonesia before expanding further.

Though Xiaomi may not have entered any of the western or European markets as of now, it has an immensely strong presence in its home country, China, where it is now the leading smartphone vendor. Moreover, its presence in India and Indonesia is also ever-increasing. It recently announced the Redmi-Note in the Indian market, pre-registrations for which led to yet another Flipkart crash.

Its is currently present in 8 countries, which includes two most populous countries in the world, with a population, more hungry than ever, for affordable, yet powerful smartphones. Xiaomi has been able to capitalise on that hunger, thus recently becoming the third largest smartphone vendor in the world, and the only company to achieve such a feat without a presence in the western markets.

Barra, has further said that next year will see Xiaomi working on launches in Thailand, Russia, Mexico and Turkey. It will also be expanding to his home country in 2015.

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