This is a rare happening. A simple blog post error, by the Corporate Vice President of world’s second most valuable corporation. This happens rarely, but it does. Rajesh Jha, CVP of Microsoft Corporation spilled the beans on the acquisition of Accompli, a mobile e-mail app firm.

The link to that post (which has now been obviously taken down) is :


Though the post has been taken down, and had nothing in it even when it was published, but the slug line in the URL contains microsoft-acquires-accompli which makes it more than confirmed, that Microsoft is indeed acquiring the mobile e-mail app firm Accompli.

As for Accompli, it is a mobile email-app firm, which according to Crunchbase statistics has raised $7.3 Million till last June. The Verge described Accompli as “the Outlook for iPhone that Microsoft hasn’t yet built“. An Outlook Mobile soon ? Well, people have been wishing for it for quite long, and Microsoft may just have granted that wish.

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