Xiaomi’s rise over the past half-decade has been nothing, but phenomenal. People may have tagged the brand a “copyist”, but such a rise in this already glutted market isn’t possible by copying. To further prove that it is more about innovation and not copying, the Chinese brand is now planning to enter the smart home devices market, says the head of Xiaomi’s smart hardware platform business, Gao Ziguang

As per Gao Ziguang, the company is planning to launch a product for the smart home market somewhere between the end of this year and January next year. Gao also adds, that he expects the device to surprise the market.

Talking more about China’s smart-home industry, Gao commented that many vendors are aggressively developing such products. However, consumer interest in such products is still very low. Vendors are rather trying to stimulate those interests.

He further highlighted that one of the major reasons, where brands have failed to understand consumers is in the very conceptualisation of such products. While brands focus more on remote control operability, consumers aren’t quite interested in that thing and hence, vendors need to add something unique, to attract consumers.

Will Xiaomi be able to fulfill those gaps ? We will see that in between 2014-end and next year’s beginning. But going by what Gao has to say regarding “surprising the market”, there sure is something unique in there. Stay tuned.

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